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This envelope has a happy bunny inside (flowers flowers flowers)

"Such a dreadful subject, love is. Why? Why are we afraid to admit that we love anything and everything, and so, only talk of our hate? As far as my story, I don't liek the subject either; because feelings change constantly.
Love can, I believe, be found anywhere. I mean, who's to say you don't love that person's eyes you pass by on the street, or a pair of pants you saw window shopping? Seriously, what about loving a band; or a song? And, of course, the first thing your mind comes to -- a person. A person?
Everyone has loved in some way or another, don't let them tell you any different - or me either. But, the downside is, it's why it's easier to hate. You can hate everything, no problem, right? But then, one will find oneself loving to hate. And the whole vicious cycle starts over again. Yep. Of course, my first love was Haley Joel Osment. So cute, so wise. And a very talented young actor. and Johnny Depp. Every lady has a story for that one. I want to marry Edward Scissorhands...on a wind swept moor."
--Amie Meadows
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