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Im really sad today, and tomorrow, and possibly Monday also.

Hello everyone. I'm sad today, because I know that when I wake up in the morning, I'm going to be 15. When I type it, it means nothing, but when I think about it, it means that I'm getting older. I'm sad about that. Tomorrow, I'll walk around like I'm the same person, and everyone who remembers will congradulate me because I am one step closer to dying.
15.....whats so great about it? I was used to being stuck in the middle, but now im going to get my permit. Liberation has never been so limiting before. Now I cant even go down the slide at McDonalds. That can't possibly be a good thing.
As Ive gotten older, my hair has become darker, less blonde, yet my grades are going down. That doesnt seem quite right to me. I dont want to have to stop getting toys for my birthday. I didnt get any this year, because I didnt want any. So many different things are important now. Its sad, but I guess its how it was meant to be. Now I really like spending time with people, and goign to different places, where as before I was more material than that. I am happy with people, when they are the very thing that keeps bringing everyone down. I really like John though, hes so nice. Thats how I feel about that.

So, on my last day as a fourteen year old, and possibly the last day of intelligence, from what I've seen, I leave you with this quote.
I wont tell you who said it just yet, nor whether it has any significance at all. It just is what it is, if its anything at all.

"Oppurtunity is the essence of mediocrity, yet oppurtunity is often characterized by mediocrity."

The almost adult, and almost driving, and almost having independent thought,
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